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The Case Study: A Valuable Leadership Development Tool

W Ellet1*, J Johnson2*, (1) University of Miami Business School, Coral Gables, FL, (2) Houston, TX


(Sunday, 3/31/2019) 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Room: Osceola Ballroom C

Leadership is a relational process that involves noticing, deciding, acting and reflecting on what has happened (Impact International, 2016). Thus, leaders in any field need to learn to be attuned to facts and assumptions, uncover opportunities, appreciate problems, entertain options, and determine criteria to best resolve the predicament. An individual develops their leadership ability through practice of handling predicaments, either real or simulated, such as studying business cases.

The business case method is used throughout business schools to present real-life business situations where a “protagonist� has a dilemma that must be resolved (i.e., “a real person with a real job is confronted with a real problem, (Stam, SPICE, 2018)“). Real problems are rarely simple and straightforward. However, with training leaders are more likely to choose the most optimal course of action.

This Medical Physics Leadership Academy (MPLA) session is to introduce the business case method to medical physicists. A medical physics-related case study will be presented. If time allows, the case study will be analyzed and discussed in small groups.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explain what constitutes a case study
2. Examine how business case method participants analyze, critique, make judgments, speculate, and express reasoned opinions.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the business case method in medical physics.


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