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ACR Updates: Digital Mammography/CT/Fluoroscopy

D Gress1*, E Berns2*, C Dillon3*, A Jones4*, (1) American College of Radiology, Reston, VA, (2) University of Colorado Health Science, Lone Tree, CO, (3) Alliance Medical Physics, Alpharetta, GA, (4) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


(Tuesday, 7/16/2019) 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Room: 304ABC

Session Title: ACR Updates

Speaker 1: Dustin Gress, MS
Presentation Title: Introduction to ACR activities

Speaker 2: Eric Berns, PhD
Presentation Title: 2018 Digital Mammography QC Manual

Speaker 3: Chad Dillon, MS
Presentation Title: CT Accreditation Program

Speaker 4: A. Kyle Jones, PhD
Presentation Title: DIR Fluoroscopy Pilot program

Speaker 5: Gress, Berns, Dillon, Jones
Presentation Title: Panel Discussion


1. Understand more about the breadth of activities at the ACR
2. Appreciate opportunities for ACR Members in Physics
3. Learn high-level paradigm shifts in 2018 ACR Digital Mammography QC Manual
4. Identify key items for consideration when facilities want to transition to the 2018 ACR Digital Mammography QC Manual
5. Learn what common medical physics issues are faced in the ACR CT Accreditation Program
6. Understand upcoming changes in the ACR CT Accreditation Program
7. Understand process of creating ACR Dose Index Registry – Fluoro
8. Learn current status and near-term plans for implementation of DIR-Fluoro


A. Introduction to ACR activities beyond DMAP
a. ACR governance
b. DSI
d. Innovation Grants
e. Commission
B. 2018 Digital Mammography QC Manual
a. Overview of paradigm shift
b. Radiologist’s Section
c. Technologist’s Section
d. Medical Physicist’s Section
e. Key details for transition
C. CT Accreditation Program
a. Brief history
b. Current status
c. Common issues related to medical physics
d. Upcoming changes to program
D. Dose Index Registry – Fluoro
a. How it started
b. Challenges in data transfer
c. Successes in pilot program
d. Near-term goals and implementation plan



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