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EBrachytherapy Using Xoft Cylinder in GYN

Y Qian1*, (1) Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles, CA


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

Room: ePoster Forums

Purpose: This single institute study evaluates safety, and clinical effeteness of high-dose rate electronic brachytherapy (eBrachytherapy) as a postsurgical adjuvant radiation therapy for endometrial cancer. 30 patients have been treated using cylinder size range from 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm.

Methods: 30 patients with endometrial cancer treated with eBrachytherapy at our institution between December 2017 and January 2019. Treatment included intracavitary vaginal at doses of 18.0–30.0 Gy in 3–5 fractions. Doses were prescribed to a depth of 0 mm from the applicator surface (n = 14) or to 5mm (n = 16), with treatment length range from 3 cm to 4 cm. Dose rate for eBrachytherapy ranges from 3 Gy/min to 5 Gy/min. A systemic approach to eBrachytherapy has been developed with safety procedures, Simulation requirement, planning and physics check has been established.

Results: All 30 patients received the intended dose of radiation as prescribed. The procedures developed in our institution has been proof effective, efficient and meet the clinical requirement. The dosimetry of eBrachytherapy of Cylinder are a bit different from Ir192 based HDR afterloader system with a shorter effective range due to 50 kV x-ray beam. For larger cylinder, the dose difference between surface and 0.5 cm away from surface is less than Ir192 based HDR afterloader. Rx at Surface Rx at 0.5 cm %of Rx for Rectum/Bladder %of Rx for SurfaceSize (cm) 2 47% 212%2.5 54% 185%3 59% 169%3.5 63% 158%

Conclusion: eBrachytherapy provides a feasible treatment option for postoperative adjuvant vaginal brachytherapy as sole radiation therapy, or in combination with EBRT for primary endometrial cancer. It can be safely used for clinical cases where HDR afterloader unit or HDR afterloader shielding feasible. It proofs to be a safe and reliable radiotherapy modality with good clinical results.


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