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Dramatic Inquiry for the Teaching of Medical Physics

A Cetnar1*, (1) Ohio State University - James Cancer Hospital, Columbus, OH


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

Room: ePoster Forums

Purpose: A struggle for educators in medical physics is how to teach in ways that are rigorous but still engaging. One approach to engaging students is dramatic inquiry. Dramatic inquiry has been used as a teaching approach in literature courses and has been applied in the K-12 educational setting, and in this study I present my investigation of the merit of dramatic inquiry in the medical physics classroom.

Methods: I developed a workshop with the goal of sharing the method of dramatic inquiry and providing concrete examples of how it could be used in teaching medical physics. The theme was the discovery of x-rays, and I chose excerpts of text from Wilhelm Roentgen's original paper “On a New Kind of Rays� as the text. This selection was made so that it could serve as an example because the focus could be on teaching this familiar subject in a non-traditional way. Physicists and physics residents in our department were invited to participate in the workshop.

Results: Time was reserved at the end of the workshop to reflect and discuss what was learned and how new teaching methods could be used in the classroom. A survey was also sent to the participants as a follow-up so that everyone had a chance to share their experience.

Conclusion: The goal of the workshop is to generate engagement with educators about new teaching methods so that they can be encouraged to inspire students. We want students to think independently, develop critical reasoning, and be problem solvers but there is often not space to do this in the classroom. While there are limitations to any teaching methods, dramatic inquiry provides a fresh perspective for teaching in our field and is a way that teachers can promote student engagement in the classroom.


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