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A Web-Based Multilingual Dictionary of Medical Physics Terms: International Use as Education Tool in Developing Countries

S Tabakov1*, (1) King's College London, UK,


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

Room: ePoster Forums

Purpose: Most medical physics educational and research publications are in English. The need of Multilingual Dictionary of Medical Physics Terms was identified at the ICTP Medical Physics College – an international educational activity which has supported more than 1200 young medical physicists from over 100 low-and-middle-income countries. The web-based Dictionary is now used in almost all developing countries.

Methods: The Dictionary development follows original methodology based on purpose-made English Thesaurus. The development stages include: Thesaurus formation, translation to various languages, refereeing, website creation. A web-system is developed, allowing cross-translation between any of the existing 30 languages. The current project for Dictionary Update keeps this system, but extends the number of terms, as medical physics develops rapidly.

Results: The Dictionary was developed mainly on-line and included work of 200+ specialists/translators from 29 countries (acknowledged at website). A total of 3,576 terms are included in the Thesaurus. These are translated in 29 languages - the Dictionary includes: English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Estonian, Romanian, Turkish, Latvian, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Iranian, Bengal, Slovenian, Malay, Chinese, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Georgian. The Dictionary website is: Currently significant part of the Dictionary is associated also with the Medical Physics e-Encyclopaedia website , thus forming a one-stop reference point.

Conclusion: The surveys made at the ICTP Medical Physics College in 2018 show that this web-tool is steadily used in the medical physics education in 27 countries. The website statistics for 2018 shows that the visits to the Dictionary-specific website had been 7365, while the combined website (Dictionary+Encyclopaedia) had 89294 visits (c.45% from Asia; c.8% from Latin America; c.6% from Africa). The Multilingual Dictionary is finding a sound place in the educational courses in developing countries and beyond. Its Update is also prepared as e-book.


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