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A Normalized Method of Suppressing Background Noise in Biomedical Systems for the Measurement of Radiation Absorbed Dose with Biomarkers

L Lu*, S Bhayana , M Yadav , M Welliver , A Chakravarti , N Jacob , Department of Radiation Oncology, the Ohio State Univ, Columbus, OH


(Sunday, 7/14/2019) 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall | Forum 5

Purpose: Using biomarkers to measure radiation absorbed dose is an ideal technique to determine how much radiation a person or animal has been exposed to in the wake of nuclear reactor disasters or radioactive bombs from terrorist attacks. A main problem obstructing the success of this technique is the large error bars directly induced on the absorbed dose measurement from the assay of these biomarkers. We have developed an innovative technique to solve this problem which has demonstrated success in our research project.

Methods: We have developed a method that uses a microRNA biomarker in a drop of blood from the irradiated animal or human being to determine the absorbed dose. MicroRNA miR-150-5p is sensitive to radiation and its level in blood is associated with the absorbed dose, while miR-23a-3p is not quite responsive to radiation and is used as a reference. The traditional way this type of study is performed uses the absolute value of the residual of miR-23a-3p subtracted from miR-150-5p, namely ∆∆Ct = (miR-150-5p - miR-23a-3p) as a biomarker to study the response to radiation or so on. To reduce the uncertainty and error bar coming from the random background noise in assay for dose measurements, we proposed an innovative approach using the ratio or normalized method, ∆∆Ct (normalized) = [(miR-150-5p - miR-23a-3p)/miR-23a-3p] to measure absorbed dose instead of using the traditional ∆∆Ct. We used the same experimental data set from blood cell assays to investigate the dose relationship with the traditional ∆∆Ct and our innovative ∆∆Ct (normalized) and compared the results from these two methods.

Results: Using ∆∆Ct (normalized) greatly suppresses the uncertainty of the measured absorbed dose which sharply enhances the accuracy of biomarker dose measurements.

Conclusion: Our ratio/normalized method can be used for absorbed dose measurement studies as well as other similar biomedical research.


Biological Dosimetry, Dose, Blood Flow


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