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Is Knowledge-Based Treatment Planning Depend On Treatment Machine and TPS?

X Chen*, J Wang , J Peng , J Wang ,


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

Room: ePoster Forums

Purpose: To investigate whether a knowledge base treatment planning model can smoothly migrate to different machine and TPS

Methods: Fifty cervical cancer patients'IMRT plans were used to develop a knowledge-based planning model. This model based on Pinnacle3 8.0m(Phillips Medical System,Fitchburg,WI) and Synergy (Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden). Fifteen patients were used for verification. Three groups of plans were generated as follows: KBP planning and manual planning with Eclipse 13.5(Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Palo Alto, USA) and Truebeam Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Palo Alto, USA); 2. KBP planning and manual planning with Pinnacle and Truebeam; 3. KBP planning and manual planning with Pinnacle and synergy. DVH quantitative analysis was performed to make comparison between the RapidPlan generated plans and the manual plans in 3 groups respectively

Results: In group1 and group2, KBP plans shows similar quality of PTV with manual plans. While KBP plans improved D2% (0.95Gy,p<0.01)and HI(0.02,p<0.01) in group3.For bladder, RapidPlan decrease the average value of V30, V40 and mean dose in all 3 groups by 2% to 7%. RapidPlan also generated better mean dose of rectum and bowel in 3 groups.

Conclusion: It is feasible to generate plans with different TPS and machine parameters by one KBP model


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TH- External beam- photons: treatment planning/virtual clinical studies

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