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A Monte Carlo Based Plan Verification Framework for Double-Scattering Proton Therapy

J Yuan*, D Mansur, M Yao, T Biswas, R Jesseph, J Jin and M Machtay, University Hospitals, Seidman Cancer Center, Cleveland, OH,


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

Room: ePoster Forums

Purpose: To develop an integrated framework of a full Monte Carlo (MC) model based dose verification system for proton radiotherapy with a passive double scattering compact system.

Methods: We have previously validated a MC-based virtual machine source model by comparing the percent depth dose curves, spread out Bragg peaks and lateral profiles against measured commissioning beam data. To develop an integrate framework that facilitates its clinical utility, this study further expanded the model as following: 1) patient-specific applicator and compensator were re-constructed numerically from the plan data and were incorporated into the beamline; 2) patient anatomy was created from the CT image and the transformation between patient and machine coordinate systems was established; 3) a graphical user interface was developed to ease the whole process from importing the treatment plan in the Dicom format to parallelization of the MC calculations. We have tested the clinical utility of the framework in 3 clinical cases.

Results: The system was able to calculate dose distributions and dose volume histograms from the treatment planning system (TPS) calculations and MC results for comparison. Significant differences were noticed between the TPS and MC results, especially in the beam penumbra and near the end of range, suggesting that the pencil-beam based TPS may not be accurate in these regions. The agreement for other regions was acceptable.

Conclusion: An integrated framework was developed for full MC simulations of double scattering proton therapy. It can be a valuable tool for dose verification and plan evaluation.


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