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Automatic Generation of Planning SBRT Prostate Structures Using Eclipse Script

A Alarcon*, C Venencia , Instituto Zunino, Cordoba - ARGENTINA


(Sunday, 7/14/2019)  

Room: ePoster Forums

Purpose: Prostate SBRT planning require the generation of multiple planning structures based on the treatment volumes defined by the physician. This procedure is done by the dosimetrist, is time consuming and could have user's errors. The objective of this work was to create an automatization process to generate planning structures using Eclipse's scripts.

Methods: Varian's Eclipse scripting application programming interface (API) v15.1 together with integrated development environment Microsoft Visual Studio Community (2017) (write and compile a plugin-script in C # executable) in Eclipse was used. A graphic interface was done using windows presentation foundation (WPF) and forms (WF). Manipulation and operations of structures was done using the "Structure Class" contained in the Eclipse’s “Model.API.dll� library. All structures were transformed to high resolution and named following TG263 recommendation. The script can be executed in External Beam Planning workspace of Eclipse and automatically detect CTVs and OARs. Comparison between manual and automatic structures were done measuring the volumes for 15 patients.

Results: The Script run well for all test patients. The average script execution time was 39±2 seconds. Planning time was reduced by 20±3 min. The maximum difference between volumes generated automatically and manually was 1.9cc (0.5% of volume) for large structures (bladder) and 0.02cc (0.3%) for smaller structures (urethra).

Conclusion: Through the implementation of the Script it was possible to standardize criteria among users when creating the planning structures, it was possible to reduce the human random errors and the planning time was reduced. No significant difference was found between structures generated with the script and manually. Implementation and adaptations of the current script are being extended to different treatment sites in our institution.


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