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Validation of DoseWise Portal for Peak Skin Dose Estimation

B Lemieux*, L Anaskevich, J Zhang, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY


(Monday, 7/15/2019) 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM

Room: Exhibit Hall | Forum 8

Purpose: Effective 1/1/2019, the Joint Commission implemented new standards for the use of fluoroscopy. Along with the established Sentinel Event for Peak Skin Dose (PSD), one of the new requirements requires establishing trigger and review levels for radiation exposure to skin. Currently, there has been an increasing shift to using dose monitoring software for tracking skin exposures. One such product is the DoseWise portal by Philips. This study is to assess the accuracy of the PSD algorithm, a feature recently incorporated into the DoseWise portal.

Methods: Entrance skin dose was directly measured using both radiochromic film and a Raysafe X2 R/F device. A calibration strip of the film was created using the manufacturer recommended method. Three experiments were performed using a whole body anthropomorphic phantom in a single plane fluoroscope (Philips Allura). During the first run, only the SID was changed repeatedly through the exposure. For the second run, the x-ray incident angle was changed while the SID was held constant. During the third run both the x-ray incident angle and the SID changed randomly to simulate a practical procedure. Attenuation of table and pad was taken into consideration. The DAP was measured to correct for any differences between the machine readout and measured radiation exposure.

Results: The direct measurements by quantifying the exposure of the radiochromatic film are 0.62, 0.54, 0.75 Gy, respectively. The backscatter adjusted X2 measurements are 0.60, 0.57, and 0.88 Gy. The reported PSD by the DoseWise Portal are 0.55, 0.58, and 0.77 Gy, with an error <11% compared to film measurements and <13% compared to X2 measurements. The skin dose distribution map between the DoseWise portal and film is consistent.

Conclusion: The DoseWise provides a color-coded estimate of skin dose distribution. The accuracy of the estimated PSD is better than well accepted accuracy of ±20%


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