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Particle Therapy Optimization and PlanningWednesday - 8/1/2018 
Therapy Scientific Session1:45 PM - 3:45 PMRoom: Davidson Ballroom A

Moderator 1: George Ding, Vanderbilt University

Moderator 2: Peter Maxim, Stanford University

WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-1 : A Pareto Based Beam Angle Optimization Method for Spot Scanning Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy IMPT
H.Kamal Sayed*A.Abdel-RehimJ.MaH.Wan Chan TseungM.HermanC.Beltran
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-2 : An Artificial Neural Network Approach with Dual-Energy Computed Tomography for Estimating the Proton Stopping-Power-Ratio
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-3 : An Automated Planning Strategy for Near Real-Time Adaptive Proton Therapy
T.Jagt*S.BreedveldR.van HaverenB.HeijmenM.Hoogeman
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-4 : High Fidelity Robust Optimization for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-5 : Investigation of ECG-Gated Non-Invasive Cardiac Arrhythmia Ablation Using Double Scattering Proton Beams
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-6 : Monte Carlo Methods to Simulate Secondary Neutron Dose for Dynamically Collimated SFUD and IMPT Treatments Using a Dynamic Collimation System
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-7 : Online Plan Adaptation of Head and Neck IMPT Treatments Based On Cone Beam CT Imaging and GPU Monte Carlo Simulations
P.Botas Sanmartin*J.KimB.WineyH.Paganetti
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-8 : Progress Towards a Simple Pulse Line Ion Accelerator (PLIA)
Q.Diot*R.Alibazi behbahaniB.KavanaghM.MiftenD.Westerly
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-9 : Robust Optimization for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy to Redistribute High Linear Energy Transfer From Organs at Risk to Tumors in Head and Neck Cancer
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-10 : Planning Strategies for Linear Energy Transfer Reduction in Structures with Suspected Treatment Related Toxicities Following Proton Therapy for Brain Tumors
WednesdayWE-HI-DBRA-11 : Biological Based Robust Optimization for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy