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Improving Health Through Medical Physics


MP3.0 White Paper
2018 Med. Phys.

Redefining and reinvigorating the role of physics in clinical medicine: A Report from the AAPM Medical Physics 3.0 Ad Hoc Committee

Medical Physics Journals
2019 JACMP Automation, regulation, and collaboration: Threats and opportunities for clinical medical physics careers in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine
2019 JACMP Continued emphasis on quality and safety jeopardizes clinical medical physics careers in radiation oncology: What can be done about it?
2018 JACMP

Medical Physics 3.0, physics for every patient

2018 JACMP

Medical physics 3.0 versus 1.0: A case study in digital radiography quality control

2018 JACMP

Parallel Opposed: Medical physicists should meet with patients as part of the initial consult

2018 JACMP

Parallel Opposed: CAMPEP graduate program standards should require a dedicated course in Magnetic Resonance Imaging physics


Care for Patients, Not for Charts: A Future for Clinical Medical Physics


Establishing a New Clinical Role for Medical Physicists: A Prospective Phase II Trial

2017 Med. Phys.

Point/Counterpoint: In order to function more fully as professionals and provide professional services, medical physicists should actively seek to be employed by physician groups rather than by facilities

2011 Med. Phys. The tenuous state of clinical medical physics in diagnostic imaging
Non-Medical Physics Journals
2019 ACR Patient-centered imaging optimization
2018 JACR

Why Physics in Medicine?

2017 Becker’s Hospital Review

Stepping out from behind the machines

2017 Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

Medical Physicists Bring New Value to Patient-Centered Care

AAPM Newsletters
2019 July

The Physicist is In: Responses from the AAPM Membership

2018 July

Medical Physics 3.0 Report: What is it all about?

2017 November

AAPM Members Sound Off on Medical Physics 3.0 at AAPM2017 in Denver

2016 September

Introducing Medical Physics 3.0: What is it, and why you should care?

Other Media

Hormesis Podcast #2 - Medical Physics 3.0


Reddit Ask Me Anything: Medical Physics


Imaging Technology News: Redefining Medical Physics

Record of Past Presentations

Global Meetings
2017 Jaipur, India Asia Oceania Conference of Medical Physics (AOCMP)
2017 Montevido, Uruguay University of the Republic
2017 Yokohama, Japan Japan Radiological Congress (JRC)
2016 Bangkok, Thailand International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP)
National Meetings
2018 Chicago Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
2018 Nashville American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)
2018 Houston International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) – Medical Imaging
2017 Denver AAPM
2017 Anaheim Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA)
2016 Chicago RSNA
Regional Meetings
2018 Triadelphia Penn-Ohio AAPM Chapter
2018 Seattle Northwest AAPM Chapter (NWAAPM)
2018 Atlanta Emory University
2018 Kansas City Missouri River Valley Chapter (MRVAAPM)
2017 Thornton Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMAAPM)
2017 Cleveland Penn-Ohio AAPM Chapter
2017 Houston MD Anderson
2017 New York Radiological and Medical Physics Society (RAMPS)
2016 Seattle NWAAPM